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OSRAM D1S D2S D3S D4S CBA Xenon HID Cool Blue Advance 12V 6000K Mega White Car Xenon Headlight Light Auto Genuine Hi/lo Beam, 1x


  • Brand Name: Osram
  • Voltage: 12 V
  • Wattage: 35W
  • Number of bulb: 1
  • Road Legal: ECE, DOT
  • Base Model: PK32D-2 (D1S), P32D-2 (D2S), PK32D-5 (D3S), P32D-5 (D4S)
  • Lumens: 3200lm (D1S), 3200lm (D2S), 3000lm (D3S), 3000lm (D4S)
  • Part Number: 66140CBA(D1S), 66240CBA(D2S), 66340CBA(D3S), 66440CBA(D4S)
  • Model: D1S, D2S, D3S, D4S
  • Feature 1: Xenon mega white car headlight
  • Feature 2: Enhanced brightness auto bulbs
  • Feature 3: Color temperature up to 6000 K cool blue white light

OSRAM D1S D2S D3S D4S CBA Xenon HID Cool Blue Advance 12V 6000K Mega White Car Xenon Headlight Light Auto Genuine Hi/lo Beam, 1x

 Product Feature 

OSRAM's latest introduction to the 6000K bulb market, the Cool Blue Advanced just came out in Q3 2018, and replaces the Cool Blue Hyper bulbs from 2016. If you are looking for the best, brightest 6000K bulb on the market, the CBA is the best of the best for a variety of reasons!
What makes them so amazing? Osram's Cool Blue Intense (CBI) bulbs broke all the rules when they produced more lumens than a comparable 4300K bulb while offering a whiter 5500K light output. But now…they've done it again with the Cool Blue Advance. Even more light output compared to the Cool Blue Intense, but in a 6000K version.
XENARC COOL BLUE ADVANCE convinces with mega white xenon light and high color temperatures of up to 6,000 K. This is due to a special filling system instead of conventional coating. These products do not have ECE approval. 

(Please note – due to xenon technology, HID bulbs will achieve their optimum Kelvin rating after a short amount of use. Please allow approximately 20 hours for them to reach their true colour.)

 Product Parameters 

1.Brand Name: OSRAM
2.Voltage: 12 V
3.Package Include: 1 bulb
4.Model: D1S, D2S, D3S, D4S
5.To Fit: Headlight, high low beam
6.Part Number: 66140CBA(D1S), 66240CBA(D2S), 66340CBA(D3S), 66440CBA(D4S)
7.Base Model: PK32D-2 (D1S), P32D-2 (D2S), PK32D-5 (D3S), P32D-5 (D4S)
8.Product Highlight:
  •   ·Xenon mega white
  •   ·Mega white light due to a special filling system used instead of conventional coating
  •   ·High contrast and most stylish look on the road
  •   ·Up to 6,000K color temperature
  •   ·Enhanced brightness
  •   ·For better visibility and shorter reaction times compared to standard xenon lamps


1 Piece Genuine OSRAM Bulbs with Retail Box

 Part Number 

-For OSRAM PART #: 66144 / 66142 / 66140 / 66146 / 66145 / 66147 (D1S), 66040 / 66240 (D2S), 66340 / 66340HBI (D3S), 66440 Xenarc (D4S)

-For PHILIPS PART #: 85402 / 85407 / 85410 / 85415 (D1S), 85122 / 85122+ / 85122C1 / 85122WX (D2S), 42302, 42302XV, 9285335244 (D3S), 42402 XenEco (D4S)
-For A UDI PART #: N10445701 (D1S), N 104 457 01 / N10445701 (D2S), 0903110500 (D3S)
-For B MW PART #: 63217162862 / 63217160807 (D1S), 63217160806 (D2S)
-For T OYOTA/L EXUS PART #: 909812002 (D2S), 0981-20024 / 9098120024 (D4S)
-For M ERCEDES PART #: 91013900000 / N 000000 004248 (D1S), 910139000001 (D2S)
-For F ORD PART #: 7L7Z13N021A / 7L7Z-13N021-A (D3S)

 OSRAM Turst Program 

Fake OSRAM lamp are an ever-increasing problem in the automotive lighting industry. Some of these counterfeit bulbs can be difficult to spot and, if installed in your vehicle, can cause a number of problems.
To actively tackle this issue, OSRAM have developed the OSRAM Trust Program, which applies to every Xenon HID headlight bulb manufactured after 01/10/2015. The Program allows you to check the authenticity of your bulbs before you install them in your car, giving you peace of mind.






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