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OSRAM D2S 66240CBI Xenon HID Cool Blue Intense 12V 35W Car Xenon Headlight 5500K Extra Blue White Light Auto Original Lamp, 1x


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  • Brand Name: Osram
  • Certification: DOT
  • Voltage: 12 V
  • Origin: DE(Origin)
  • Wattage: 35W
  • Number of bulb: 1
  • Road Legal: ECE, DOT
  • Base Model: P32d-2
  • Lumens: 3200 Lm
  • Part Number: 66240CBI
  • Model: D2S
  • Feature 1: Exceptionally bright car headlight
  • Feature 2: Up to 20 % more light auto bulbs
  • Feature 3: Color temperature up to 5,500 K cool blue white light

OSRAM D2S 66240CBI Xenon HID Cool Blue Intense 12V 35W Car Xenon Headlight 5500K Extra Blue White Light Auto Original Lamp, 1x

 Product Feature 

Xenon HID upgrade bulbs are becoming increasingly popular with drivers seeking optimum performance and styling for their cars. OSRAM have developed Xenon Cool Blue Intense, a range of xenon HID upgrade bulbs which offer a more distinctive and stylish look in comparison to standard xenon HID bulbs. The up to 5500K colour temperature delivers a crisp, ice white/blue light.
Cool look with high power – OSRAM Xenon Cool Blue Intense bulbs blend fine design and flawless technology like never before. The range delivers an extra blue and extra high-contrast Xenon light. These bulbs are ideal for tuning specialists and sportive drivers that have a strong leaning towards individual style.
Perfect design, perfect blue – The range produces a cool blue effect through a colour temperature of up to 5500K. This is achieved by utilising a brand new technology: a special charge system is used in place of the conventional coatings found on some bulbs, producing a blue light without the need for a blue coating on the bulb. The clearer outer casing allows for a more uniform light distribution, enabliong you to see the road ahead with greater clarity.
Good night, night – Xenon Cool Blue Intense turns the night into day. The bluish, high-contrast Xenon beam lights up the road ahead. White light is closest to daylight on the spectrum, and so the whiter the light, the more awake and alert you will feel. The stylish light of the range creates a high-attention effect that helps you to be seen by other motorists.
Like all lamps, we recommend changing the OSRAM Xenon Cool Blue Intense in pairs. Add two to your basket to ensure an evenly matched beam pattern and colour.
(Please note – due to xenon technology, HID bulbs will achieve their optimum Kelvin rating after a short amount of use. Please allow approximately 20 hours for them to reach their true colour.)

 Product Parameters 

1.Brand Name: OSRAM
2.Voltage: 12 V
3.Package Include: 1 bulb
4.Model: D2S
5.To Fit: Headlight, high low beam
6.Part Number: 66240CBI
7.Base Model: P32d-2
8.Product Highlight:
  •   ·Exceptionally bright
  •   ·Offers high contrast
  •   ·Up to 20 % more light (compared to conventional coated gas discharge lamps)
  •   ·Blue effect without coating
  •   ·Color temperature: up to 5,500 K


1 Piece Genuine OSRAM Bulbs with Retail Box


 OSRAM Turst Program 

Fake OSRAM lamp are an ever-increasing problem in the automotive lighting industry. Some of these counterfeit bulbs can be difficult to spot and, if installed in your vehicle, can cause a number of problems.
To actively tackle this issue, OSRAM have developed the OSRAM Trust Program, which applies to every Xenon HID headlight bulb manufactured after 01/10/2015. The Program allows you to check the authenticity of your bulbs before you install them in your car, giving you peace of mind.


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