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Philips Racing Vision H7 12V PX26d 12972RVS2 150% Brighter Light Auto Halogen Head Light Car Lamps ECE (Twin Pack)


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  • Brand Name: Philips
  • Voltage: 12 V
  • Wattage: 55W
  • Number of bulbs: 2
  • Road Legal: ECE, DOT
  • Base Model: PX26d
  • Lumens: 1500 lm
  • Part Number: 12972RVS2
  • Model: H7
  • Feature:  150% more bright

The strongest road legal halogen bulb ever – Philips Racing Vision H7 12V PX26d 12972RVS2 +150% Brighter Light Auto Halogen Head Light Car Lamps ECE (Twin Pack)

Choose the Philips RacingVision range if you're a passionate driver wanting the rally look in a stylish, road legal package. With up to 150% more brightness on the road than standard, you'll experience a safer and more exhilarating driving experience.

Brighter light, safer drive

Driving on poorly lit roads at night can be dangerous. You rely on the performance of your headlights to help you spot potential hazards quickly. Philips RacingVision bulbs are up to 150% brighter than standard, helping you to identify potential dangers quicker and more easily, both on and off-road.
The colour temperature of the RacingVision range allows your eyes to focus better, helping you to see obstacles easily for an exciting driving experience.

Strong in darker conditions

Passionate drivers enjoy being challenged on the road. During the winter months, the weather can be unforgiving, and you need the best light possible to navigate through tougher conditions. Thanks to their brightness, Philips RacingVision bulbs provide optimal visibility for extra control in darker, more dangerous conditions.

Engineered for performance and visibility

Philips RacingVision bulbs are manufactured using innovative, high-quality materials. UV-Quartz glass, a high-precision chrome coating, an up to 13-bar high-pressure gas filling and an optimised high-precision filament produce a very bright light that's engineered for a relaxed, controlled and fun driving experience.
(Please note: due to their increased brightness, these bulbs are expected to have a shorter lifespan. We can only offer a 6 month warranty on the Philips RacingVision range.)

Features and benefits

  • -See further and react faster with up to 150% more vision
  • -Greater driving comfort and safety
  • -Complying with high quality standards of ECE homologation
  • -Philips is the choice of major car manufacturers
  • -Change both your headlamps simultaneously for more safety
  • -Award-winning car lamp manufacturer
  • -Philips car lamps are made of high-quality quartz glass
  • -Philips car lamps are highly resistant against humidity
  • -Philips car lamps are highly UV resistant
  • -Wide range of 12V lamps for all functions


Number of Bulbs 2
Fitting H7
Bulb Type Maximum performance
Lumens 1500 lm
Road Legal Yes
Technology Halogen
Kelvin Rating 3700K
Wattage 55W
Voltage 12V
Base PX26d
Range   RacingVision 
SKU 12972RVS2
Condition New
Warranty 6 months







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