Philips VisionPlus H1 H3 H4 H7 H11 9003 9005 9006 HB2 HB3 HB4 VP 12V 60% More Bright Light Car Halogen Headlight Fog Lamps, 2X

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Brand Name: Philips Voltage: 12 V Wattage: 55W Number of bulbs: 2 Road Legal: ECE, DOT Base Model: H1(P14.5s), H3(PK22s), H4(P43t), H7(PX26d), H11(PGJ19-2), 9006(P22d) Part Number: 12258VPS2, 12336VPS2, 12342VPS2, 12972VPS2, 12362VPS2, 9006VPS2 Model: H1 H3 H4(9003) H7 H11 9006(HB4) Feature 1: Up to 60% more vision fast reactions save lives Feature 2: Projects 25m more light than a standard lamp Philips VisionPlus H1 H3 H4 …